The Rhassoul Oils from Fuente are developed for all hair types. The oils are magnetically refined and purified so that the molecular structure is finer and concentrated. Rhassoul Oil will quickly and deep penetrate into the hair cuticle, closes split ends and makes the hair beautifully manageable and gives a natural smooth shine. It provides color protection and also act as an anti frizz.


Rhassoul Volume Oil - 100 ML

  • Lighter composition especially for fine, damaged and bleached hair
  • Restores, strengthens and cares, Closes split ends, Revitalizes dull and lifeless hair
  • Cell renewal, anti aging Makes the hair beautiful manageable and helps to detangle it
  • Anti frizz

Ideal for use as after-care after washing with the Rhassoul Shampoo or after a coloring for extra color protection. The Rhassoul Oil has a heat protection until 300 degrees so also ideal to use in dry hair as a serum without making the hair heavy.

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